EastEnders fans fear Arthur is in danger after Lily’s big confession

Where did the bruises really come from?

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The rumour mill has gone into overdrive after last night’s episode of EastEnders.

Viewers seem to think there’s more to Lily Fowler’s story than meets the eye.

The show has seen baby Arthur’s nosey grandmother Carmel Kazemi jumping to all sorts of conclusions after finding bruises on her grandson’s arms.

After the last month or so of dealing with two young kids alone when Martin was banged up inside, being in the later stages of pregnancy and knackered, the pressure has been building on Stacey.

Oh, and forgetting the simplest of things like burning the kids’ dinner and Lily’s dance show.

You know, like all worn out mothers in that position probably would too!

But Lily has taken her mum’s inability to cope as personal, thinking that she doesn’t matter to Stacey anymore.

Now that Arthur is ill and everybody seems to be spending their time fussing over him, it looks like it’s pushed Lily over the edge.

But it was last night’s episode that saw Arthur’s big sister tell Carmel something shocking, that it was her mum Stacey who was hurting Arthur, something that Carmel has already become obsessed with.

Now viewers reckon it is actually Lily that’s hurting Arthur and they are not impressed.

Will Carmel take the news she’s heard any further? Watch tonight’s episode on BBC one to find out.

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