Is the game up? Viewers reckon they know Honey G’s true identity!

Still X Factor fans won't accept the rapper as a real artist

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You say “Honey”, we say “Geeeee(-sus)!”

Love her or loathe her, the middle-aged rapper from leafy north London – Missy Marmite? – is undeniably the talking point of this year’s X Factor.

The jury is still out as to whether she is a ‘genuine’ contestant who really does believe she could be the UK’s answer to Missy Elliott.

Or whether she’s a post-modern living artist, exposing the prejudices and stereotypes that TV reality shows – and therefore society – place on everyday people: ‘Here’s a box, crawl into yours.’

Ali G for 2016… aiiiiiiggght?

There’s also another theory: that Honey G is actually an already known and loved celebrity. Fans have been speculating about this all week. (And, while their evidence isn’t compelling, it’s hilarious…)

Is Honey actually The Apprentice’s Karren Brady?

Some viewers think she is actually Natalie Cassidy…

Others are convinced comedian Peter Kay is behind her…

And there’s more! Some fans on Twitter reckon David Cameron is filling his spare time appearing on the show.

What do you reckon?