Fans demand new series of The Price is Right after triumphant Alan Carr reboot

The host was definitely right

Retro is most definitely in for this year – and looks like it’s not going anywhere in 2018, either.

Last night Alan Carr hosted a Channel 4 reboot of The Price is Right – one of Bruce Forsyth’s many classic shows – and it was an absolute riot.

Deliriously excited audience members were pulled from the crowd and given the chance to win sensational prizes including trips abroad.

All they had to do was guess the prices of common items like alarm clocks, teatowels and exercise equipment.

Alan Carr hosted the reboot (Credit: Channel 4)

The live audience were absolutely loving all the retro fun, which included slightly wonky sets and cheesy music.

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But most of the love went for the show’s host, comedian Alan Carr.

Alan was a popular choice of host (Credit: Channel 4)

Fans took to Twitter in formation to beg Channel 4 to commission a full new series of the show.

And some suggested Alan had done the king of TV entertainment, Brucie himself, proud with his performance.

Before the revival, Alan had said he just wanted to do Bruce proud with his efforts.

He told Metro: “I definitely think Brucie was the master of it all – his way with people, he’d get people to be willing to have the mick taken out of them.

“He got the tone just right. He died just after I made the show – I’d have liked him to have seen it, I hope I did him proud.”

One contestant picked Alan up for a bear hug (Credit: Channel 4)

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There’s more retro fun coming to the airwaves soon as Mel and Sue – no longer on Great British Bake Off duty – host a revamped Generation Game.

So it’s over to you, Channel 4 – the people have spoken!

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