Holly Willoughby fans defend her latest outfit after crude comment

One person didn't impress Holly's followers

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With Holly Willoughby back on our screens on This Morning, that means we’re getting her regular outfit of the day updates on Instagram too.

While on Monday and Tuesday Holly looked sensational in floaty dresses, today’s edition saw her change it up by wearing black trousers and a blue blouse.

Of course, she still looked sensational.

While many fans commented with the usual: “You look amazing!” and “I want this outfit,” one man decided to offer Holly a spot of fashion guidance.

“A word of advice, if you’re going to wear trousers and not show off those beautiful legs you need to show a little cleavage to keep your male fans happy 😊❤️x,” he wrote.

And Holly’s legions of followers were not happy with the comment at all.

One hit back: “Why should she ??? The look is perfect 👌 as it is!!!!”

While another added: “Yeah because it’s all about what she looks like. Hope you’re telling Philip the same.”

“Yuk you dirty old pervert!” said another.

“Comments like this make me sick,” someone else responded.

Tuesday’s dress was a massive hit with fans too.

Fans were thrilled with the affordable look from, and it wasn’t long before the dress was out of stock.

Meanwhile, Holly and Phil were back on good form on today’s show when they misheard something a guest had said and thought he’d made a naughty remark.

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They were chatting to Danish life coach Meik Wiking about his new book The Little Book of Lykke, which is all about the search for happiness.

Before they welcomed him into the studio, Phil took a shot at pronouncing the “Lykke” part of the title.

Meik replied that he’d done a good job with his accent and added: “You’ve been watching a lot of Borgen!”

Shocked Phil nervously laughed as he said: “Sorry, a lot of what?”

Meanwhile, beside him Holly was in absolute hysterics.

“Borgen – the Danish parliamentary drama,” replied Meik.

By this point both hosts had the giggles as Phil started to say: “I thought he said…”

And then Holly cut in: “So did I… let’s not go there.”

It turns out both hosts thought Meik had said Phil had been watching a lot of porn! Oh-er!

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It wasn’t just Holly and Phil who misunderstood what Meik had said. Viewers took to Twitter to say they thought the same as Phil and Holly!

“I’m sure he said porn and then quickly changed it,” said one.

“I had to listen again to make sure what he said!” added another.

A third said: “Watching a lot of what? The man defo said porn.”

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