Emmerdale fans convinced Tom is the son of notorious village villain

There's definitely more to him than meets the eye

Emmerdale fans are rather taken with newcomer Tom Waterhouse as he sets his sights on Debbie Dingle.

But as he made his on-screen debut this week, some viewers have come up with an interesting theory about who he really is.

The rather handsome Ned Porteous has joined the soap as Tom following on from his stint in EastEnders as Mark Fowler Jr.

Tom, Debbie, and his friend Graham are all involved in big upcoming storylines (Credit: ITV)

And an intriguing spot of suspicion has already fallen on him – that he’s not just turned up out of the blue and is, in fact, the son of the infamous Mr Nasty Carl King!

Although so far Tom’s storyline has consisted of him only being involved with Debbie Dingle, he is set to become a regular on the show and it’s clear he has a mysterious past.

His debut episode on Wednesday saw him get off to a shaky start with Deb, and by Thursday she decided to rob him of some expensive watches, roping Ross Barton into her plan.

It all turned a bit 50 Shades of Grey, when Tom ended up inviting her back to his room, where they slept together and he then revealed he’d rumbled her plan to steal from him.

Tom is keen on Debbie – but why? (Credit: ITV)

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He later followed her to the village to try to blackmail her into seeing him again, telling her: “There’s something between us, Debbie, call it a connection.

“I just want the chance to prove to you that I’m not who you think I am.

“You and me, Debbie, we can get into all sorts of trouble. The ball’s in your court, let’s hope you make the right call.”

Smooth, charming, handsome and a little bit creepy. Remind you of anyone? Exactly, Carl King.

Carl was part of the King dynasty who owned Home Farm from 2004, but after ‘accidentally’ killing two people and then turning all-out bad boy and trying to rape Chas Dingle, Carl was eventually killed by evil Cameron Murray in 2012 – although at the time Chas believed she’d done it in self-defence.

Carl King was the handsome man who went very bad (Credit: ITV)

Fans have been quick to come up with the theory that Carl is the newcomer’s father – especially as Carl had a son called Tom, who would be 21 by now… It all seems to fit.

“Methinks he may be Tom King…son of Karl #Emmerdale,” one viewer tweeted.

Another added: “Loving the theory that Tom Waterhouse is actually Tom King, that would be super interesting…”

“Are you thinking Tom is Tom King…?” asked a third.

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Before he appeared on screen, Emmerdale boss Iain McLeod revealed to that  Tom’s “Mostly a self-made man, but he comes from money.

“He’s inherited a fair amount at some point and then turned that into a small fortune.”

Inherited it when his father died perhaps? The whole thing makes so much sense to us.

There’s definitely more to Tom than meets the eye and we are looking forward to finding out what.

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