Emmerdale fans convinced they have worked out identity of Aaron’s new lover

They see romance blossoming

Since he split up from husband Robert earlier this year (#RIPRobron, still not over it) we’ve been wondering/terrified that Aaron would move on with someone new.

Someone he met in a bar in Leeds maybe, or on Grinder, or over a late night pint and a packet of salt and vinegar at the Wooly.

What we didn’t think would happen: that he’d get it on with the guy who beat him up in prison and taunted him for being gay.

Jason – who assaulted Aaron when he was serving time earlier this year and got him hooked on drugs – turned up again on Friday night as Aaron trained at his gym. And viewers reckon that his reappearance is actually the start of a romance storyline.

“I think he is battling with his sexuality and fancys him thats why he’s so aggressive to Aaron,” said one (sic).

“I can soo See Jason turning into Aaron’s new love interest,” said another.

If the theory does come true, there’s a lot of very unhappy Robron fans out there. Not to mention the ones that are anti it for the simple reason that, er, Jason beat Aaron up. And that’s not that romantic.

One fan wrote: “NO @emmerdale please do t do this if true!!! We want@#Robron back together NOW!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!”

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And another said: “Just think, if Jason was gay (which I don’t believe) why to hell would Aaron go there.”

Rob and Aaron split up earlier this year after Aaron couldn’t move on from his husband cheating on him and the small matter of the girl he’d cheated with, Rebecca, getting pregnant with his baby.

After Aaron bumped into Jason at the gym, his mate Adam ended up getting punched by him – and Aaron is now out for revenge.

“Aaron wait, we can go to the police okay,” Adam told him, worried about his friend who’s out on licence. “We can get him sent down.”

“No,” said Aaron. “If he wants me he can get me.”

“He’ll kill you. Aaron, he’s mad,” said Adam.

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“Well so am I,” said Aaron.

Er, match made in heaven then, right?

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