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EastEnders fans convinced ANOTHER Square legend is about to make a comeback!

Is this why Michelle has gone to Australia?

EastEnders viewers are convinced they’ve got to the bottom of Michelle Fowler’s mysterious disappearance from the show.

Michelle Fowler has been missing from screens for a while now and fans have been wondering where she’s got to.

But last night, Sharon mentioned her mate had gone to Australia for Christmas – and now viewers think they’ve spotted a big clue about what could be happening in Walford in 2018.

Michelle’s daughter Vicki lives in Oz, where she runs a bar with Alfie Moon’s little brother, Spencer. Now fans are predicting Vicki could be on her way back to Albert Square with her mum.

Michelle has gone to Australia but will she return on her own? (Credit: BBC)

“The thought crossed my mind that she’d come back with Vicki,” said one viewer. While another said Vicki’s return would “build on the character of Michelle”.

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“I wonder if that’s a hint that she will return with Vicki in tow,” pondered another viewer.

Vicki was played by Scarlett Johnson in 2003/2004. Scarlett is still acting, so she could be persuaded to come back to the show – or perhaps Vicki could be recast, like her mum, Michelle.

Scarlett is still acting (Credit: Twitter @Scarlett_AJ)

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Some viewers also wondered if this meant Spencer could be on his way back to Walford too – especially if his sister-in-law, Kat, is coming home next year.

Chris is now a media solicitor (Credit: Twitter @tweetparkerpark)

But actor Christopher Parker, who played the adorable Moon bro, is now a media solicitor so it seems unlikely he’ll be returning to Albert Square any time soon.

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