Holly Willoughby fans concerned by aggressive Instagram post containing the C-word

They fear she's been hacked

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Followers of Holly Willoughby on Instagram are convinced that she has been hacked on the social media platform.

She appears to have reposted a message originally left by her pal, rapper Mike Skinner.

It seems to refer to an outfit that a model is wearing – including a T-shirt that says ‘Original pirate material’.

This was the title of Mike’s debut album in 2002, as The Streets.

Because the post contains a profanity – the C-bomb, in fact – Holly’s fans are shocked that she might have shared this (a repost), and suspect misdemeanour by others.

Most likely, they think, her account has been hacked.

The mum-of-three’s feed is otherwise consistently wholesome and thoughtful.

The This Morning presenter is yet to address their concerns.

Comments included:

“Aww Holly! Think you have been hacked” and “I hope she’s been hacked!”.

Others assumed it was just a repost and suggested everyone shill their boots.

“Bloody hell… Do you lot think unless she’s singing ba ba bloody black sheep she’s been hacked?! She’s a GROWN WOMAN.. Let the poor love live her life.”

“She’s not been hacked she’s got a sense of humour 😒😒 Gosh some people need to lighten up

“Not hacked.. it’s a repost from mike skinner!! They’ve stolen the title of one of the streets albums for their jumpers

Earlier today, the blonde beauty delighted fans with an early-morning weekend snap showing off her fresh ‘out of bed’ look.

The mum-of-three frowned for the camera as she enjoyed a cuppa which had the name “Granny” written across it.

Holly, 36, showed off her youthful complexion in the make-up free pic as she lounged about in her dressing gown.

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She wrote: “Errrrm?”

Fans flooded the post with compliments branding her a “natural beauty”.

One said: “The most glamorous of them all!”

“Still beautiful first thing in the morning,” another wrote.

A third asked: “How do you look so good at this time of the morning?”

A fourth added: “Natural beauty!”

The presenter is constantly wowing us with her gorgeous style during the week as she posts her outfits for This Morning every day before the show.

Almost every outfit fans fall in love with her fashion choices but it seems over the past couple of weeks the star has failed to impress her followers with some unique style combos.

In one the star slipped into a Hobbs London blue and silver dress but paired it with a pair of leather ankle boots.

She captioned the snap: “Good morning! Today’s look on @thismorning dress by @hobbslondon boots by @jonesbootmaker #HWStyle💁✨.”

But some of her fans weren’t keen on the look.

One commented: “Always love what you wear, but I don’t like the boots with the dress sorry.”

Another agreed: “Not sure about the boots!! She never usually gets it wrong for me!”

“Loving the dress, not keen on the boots,” a third said.

Over the past year the Celebrity Juice star has also been at the centre of much discussion over her changing figure with many fans concerned she’s “losing too much weight”.

On some photos of the star, which showed her looking noticeably slimmer, fans rushed to make sure the star was ok and asked her to stop losing weight.

But Holly recently opened up on all the gossip and said she just has more time to herself.

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Holly, who is married to Daniel Baldwin, has admitted in the past she avoids talking about her diet and exercise regime because she doesn’t want to contribute to eating disorders or young people being obsessed with their diets.

Earlier this month the presenter finally addressed all the gossip surrounding her physique.

She told Lorraine Kelly on her talk show: “My children are a bit older, you get to that point where you have a bit more time to yourself.

“But I think as long as you’re happy and healthy that’s most important.”

And when Lorraine said she hoped Holly hasn’t lost her ‘Willough-boobies’, the star replied: “I think they’re still there, Lorraine.”

She still looks sensational.

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