EastEnders viewers cheer as Martin Fowler finally ‘grows a pair’

It's Team Martin all the way!

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In last night’s episode of EastEnders, fans watched as Stacey Fowler returned to her home with her three kids in tow.

Stacey had previously walked out on her husband, Martin, after he couldn’t forgive her for sleeping with her ex, Max Branning, on Christmas Eve.

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And Martin wasn’t in a forgiving mood last night either as he was convinced Stacey was still up to her old tricks and had only come back to see Max, not to work on their marriage.

The pair argued about who would stay in the house, with Stacey insisting Martin should move out because it’s the children’s home.

Martin took matters into his own hands by physically throwing his cheating spouse onto the street, informing her that he’d be staying in the house – with the kids.

He also let the majority of the Square know that Stacey had been unfaithful to him with Max.

Stacey was left sobbing on the street as Martin’s ex-wife and daughter, Sonia and Bex looked on in disgust.

But viewers weren’t feeling sorry for the former Slater lass, applauding Martin for standing up to her.

“So stacey said to martin you have to move out of the house, even though she cheated on him with her ex fiance’s father on xmas eve. He was right to dash her on the road. He lost it. Don’t blame him. #EastEnders,” said one outraged fan.

“Why would you cheat on a guy like Martin tho?” wondered another.

“Don’t fell sorry for one bit for Stacey. She sleeps with Max, basically runs away with the kids, returns to only lie again to Martin. Of course Martin will have issues believing her. Martin keep those kids and the house. Totally behind you,” said a third.

A fourth added: “So apparently #EastEnders 2018 is the year Martin Fowler finally grows some [bleep] balls.”

While Stacey might be down for now, we can’t imagine her taking this sort of treatment without retaliating.

And with Kat, Jean and Big Mo all due to return in the not-too-distant-future, it looks like she’ll have more than enough people to fight her corner.

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But does this mean it’s all over for Stacey and Martin?

EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One

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