EastEnders fans can’t believe how much three mugs of tea cost at Kathy’s

Does she know it's 2018?

Living in Albert Square can’t be much fun. Something unpleasant seems to happen there every day – or certainly every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

But there is one VERY good reason for moving to Walford – the tea is cheap!

Fans of the BBC show were left gobsmacked when Masood Ahmed ordered three mugs of the stuff in Kathy’s café last night, only to be charged a ridiculously low fee.

Kathy looked shocked as Masood gave her the whole fiver (Credit: BBC)

When Masood (played by Nitin Ganatra) ordered a brew for himself, his aunt and his uncle, you expected Kathy to sting him for at least £6 – after all, EastEnders is set in London.

But the veteran character (Gillian Taylforth) seemed to have stepped back in time as she asked her customers for just £2.40 – that’s 60 pence per mug.

We can only assume that Masood took pity on her, because he handed over a fiver and told her to keep the change!

Either way, the cheapo char didn’t escape the attention of viewers at home, and Twitter was soon ringing with cutting comments.

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One fan raged: “3 cups of tea/coffee for £2.40 total… in London… I know it’s a work of fiction but come on #EastEnders.”

Another said: “#EastEnders The only place where you can buy 3 teas for £2.40 and leave a £2.60 tip!”

60p a cup – can’t be bad! (Credit: BBC)

And a third chipped in: “The biggest hole in the current #EastEnders script writing is that three teas in the East End would cost £2.40. I DONT FINK SO M8.”

Soap writers never seem to get it right when it comes to the prices charged in cafés and shops.

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Indeed, Easties fans mocked Kathy’s for being too EXPENSIVE back in October when a sign in the café advertised a bacon or sausage sandwich and a coffee for £6.

And last week, Corrie viewers were up in arms after Michelle appeared to buy three items in Dev’s shop, before being charged a whopping £18.50.

We can only assume the scriptwriters never do their own shopping!

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