EastEnders fans call out soap for ‘forgetting’ major character

There's some long-term memory loss in Walford

EastEnders fans were left a bit bamboozled during last night’s episode as it seemed the writers had forgotten the entire existence of one pretty major character.

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Viewers saw hapless Halfway attempt to woo the lovely Whitney, unsuccessfully may we add, but at no point did anyone consider the fact that she used to be married to his mate, Lee Carter.

Linda even helped Halfway set a corner of The Vic up so it looked like a swanky restaurant, apparently losing sight of the fact Whit was once wed to her own son.

To be honest, Linda is probably so keen to get Whitney loved up and away from Mick, she’d do anything.

And then, Halfway produced a ring and asked Whit to be his girlfriend.

What happened to the Bro Code, dude?

Whit wasn’t impressed with Halfway’s romantic advances though and ended up leaving the date pretty sharpish.

Fans took to social media to question the likelihood of Whitney dating someone so close to her ex.

“Is Whitney only allowed to date friends and relatives of Lee?? She needs to be single for a bit,” wrote one viewer.

Another fan asked: “Wait… isn’t Halfway Lee’s mate? How would he feel about the fact he’s dating Whitney now? #Eastenders

And a third added: “How have they forgotten that Halfway’s lee’s friend? #Eastenders”. 

Meanwhile some viewers were totally into the idea of Whiney and Halfway as a couple and came up with THE BEST ship name for them…wait for it….


We are so here for that.

Elsewhere, some viewers noticed that Mick wasn’t entirely happy with Whitney and Halfway dating, and have predicted the affair between them isn’t as over as we all thought.

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There’s also rumours that Whitney could fall for Martin while they’re living under the same roof.

And there’s also been gossip that the mysterious New Slater promised by John Yorke could be a man and a love interest for Whitney.

Nice to have options, huh?

EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One

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