Victoria Beckham is launching a sex toy business

Fans brand Victoria Beckham Instagram post ‘obscene’ and ‘classless’

Breasts have ruffled feathers on the social media site

Victoria Beckham has outraged fans with her latest Instagram post, which depicts a female body with a sheer covering over it.

The post is a five-second video on a loop which shows the torso of a woman, with a semi-transparent fabric over it and a large statement necklace. It also has a grainy filter over it.

It’s not known whether it is a person, Victoria herself, or a mannequin, but the post has caused quite a stir. Followers have branded the image ‘classless’.

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One of my favourite @victoriabeckhambeauty products, the Satin Kajal Liner in Cocoa, is finally back ✨

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The post was simply captioned: “21.09.20 • #VBSS21 • 2.45pm BST” indicating that her fashion company’s 2021 spring/summer collection will launch next week.

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But Victoria’s followers are not best pleased with the image, with one asking if it should be allowed on Instagram.

One person wrote simply: “Obscene! Ugh!”

Another commented: “Not tasteful or appropriate, hardly do the weekly shop in it or wear it to a restaurant.”

Someone else asked: “Lol in the name of fashion!!! How tasteless and classless.”

A different follower said: “Just not really necessary is it?!”

Victoria has built up her own fashion business. (Credit: Splash News)

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It has divided opinion though, with some of Victoria’s fans questioning why it’s OK for images of topless men to be on the site.

What is the other side of the debate?

One fan wrote: “If a guy was wearing the same outfit it wouldn’t be an issue… so why is it different for a girl?”

A second said: “Lots of prudish comments haha! We see topless men on ig all the time but when it’s a woman, it’s suddenly ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unnecessary’ and not ‘classy’. Pretty sad some still have this mindset.”

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed more than 774k times and still hasn’t been removed by either Victoria or Instagram.

The social media platform is said to have a strict and controversial no-nudity policy. Nakedness is only allowed if on paintings or sculptures.

It’s certainly a different direction than her other recent posts, the latest of which shows a full androgynous, denim suit.

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