EastEnders fans bemused by new character’s unusual use of a tampon

We've never seen one like that before!

EastEnders viewers couldn’t believe their eyes last night as Halfway – the new character who shot Mick Carter on New Year’s Day – stuck a tampon up his nose to stem a nosebleed.

Halfway, who turned out to be an army friend of Mick and Linda’s son Lee, got smacked in the face during the botched heist and was unable to stop his nose from spurting blood.

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While another newbie – Masood’s Aunt Miriam – was busy stitching up Mick’s gunshot wound, she also stepped in to save Halfway (or Halfwit as Shirley endearingly nicknamed him.)

Miriam asked for some change – presumably for the sanitary dispenser in the ladies’ – as the unlucky gunman was then spotted with a tampon shoved up his nostril.

Fans flocked to Twitter to laugh at the unusual life hack.

“Funniest thing to see in 2018, that lad with a tampon up his nose to stop a nosebleed! Only in EastEnders! #EastEnders,” howled one viewer, while another added: “As if he had a tampon up his nose #EastEnders.”

A third tweeted: “lol @ #EastEnders! how to fix a nose bleed? shove a tampon up your nostril…”

Mick was hit by a bullet after Halfway accidentally shot him during the bodged heist.

Despite being in pain and bleeding out, it was decided that wouldn’t call an ambulance so the police weren’t alerted to the illegal activities.

Instead, Mariam used the good old-fashion technique of cleaning the wound with booze before stitching it up herself.

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She later gave Linda a recipe for curry and ordered Mick to take two paracetamol for the pain.

Thankfully the much-loved pub landlord, played by Danny Dyer, looks set to make a full recovery.

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