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X Factor fans baffled over Harry Styles jumpsuit

Tellytubby, aubergine emoji or Quality Street?

Any Harry Styles appearance is guaranteed to set social media alight, but his stint on last night’s X Factor caused a media meltdown that for once wasn’t about his boyish good looks or dulcet tones.

It was more of the open-mouthed ‘what IS he wearing?’ variety…

For a while now, Harry has been pushing fashion boundaries to the max with his floral suits, 70s flares and, er, interesting choice of garment fabric (think sofa upholstery chic more than Savile Row suave).

So just when we thought we had seen it all, garish garm wise, this happened:

Harry catches a glimpse of his jumpsuit on the monitor (Credit: ITV)

Yes, that really is a double-breasted, flared ankle all-in-one. The kind of thing that might be described as a ‘dressy jumpsuit’ if Nicole or Sharon were sporting it. But they weren’t, and Harry was,

In fact, the clobber prompted one viewer to immediately tweet Harry direct, saying: ‘you want to talk about this purple jumpsuit??…because I sure do’. Oooh, harsh.

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Never before has a jumpsuit caused such a Twitter frenzy.

Eh-Oh! Credit: Twitter/MichaelGarrett

Yes, someone took to Twitter to compare the former One Direction dreamboat to a Teletubby. And it didn’t end there.

Harry’s style is deffo going down in Lazytown (Credit: Twitter)

The heartthrob singer was also likened to Lazytown’s Robbie Rotten. What a time to be alive.

Others were kinder though. ‘Harry Styles in that purple jumpsuit is everything’ gushed one fan, while another lost all control of their typing ability to beg him to invest in a whole array of such suits: ‘He really wore purple jumpsuit wow @Harry_Styles PLEASEE wear blue one PLEASEE’.

Tweets declaring ‘Purple velvet suit and flawless’, and asking  ‘Is it bad that I want a purple jumpsuit now too?’ soon followed, with one tweeter going as far as to claim they were ‘LIVING for Harry Styles in that purple jumpsuit’.

Love it or hate it? (Credit: ITV)

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Wow. That is SOME reaction, right?

So did you love it, or hate it?

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