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EastEnders fans baffled by latest episode and are convinced the show’s made a huge mistake

Things seemed a bit different in Monday's episode

The last thing we saw in EastEnders last Friday was Denise proposing to boyfriend Kush as he was being wheeled into theatre for major heart surgery.

After collapsing from a cardiac arrest last Tuesday it looked like Kush’s life was hanging in the balance.

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On Friday Kush was being wheeled into theatre for surgery (Credit: BBC)

He was diagnosed with Brugada syndrome which meant he could suffer a cardiac arrest again at any time.

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So off he went into surgery, and viewers were left wondering whether he would survive.

So it completely baffled the audience when he was seen sitting in the cafe with Denise having a cuppa in last night’s episode.

We expected to either see him recovering in hospital, or dead, but it seems he made a remarkable recovery over the weekend and looks like nothing ever happened.

If that weren’t confusing enough, viewers then saw Kush’s mum Carmel lying in a hospital bed all of a sudden, and people didn’t understand why.

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Kush looked absolutely fine in last night’s episode (Credit: BBC)

It seems there was a bit of a plot hole, and many viewers even thought that they had “missed an episode” because the storyline just wasn’t making sense.

Hoards of viewers tweeted their confusion, with many even checking past episodes to see if they missed one.

One viewer said: “The continuation in #EastEnders is not great…how is Kush walking around like he didn’t have heart surgery.”

Another viewer said: “I’m so confused. How is Kush all ok and in the cafe & why is Carmel in hospital?! Feel like I’ve missed a week!”

A third tweeted: “Did I miss an ep of #eastenders ? On Friday Kush was having major surgery, 3 days later he’s living it up in the cafè!! Only in soap land!”

“Did #EastEnders air the wrong episode? bc this one made no sense at all,” said another.

Credit: BBC
All of a sudden Carmel was in hospital which confused viewers (Credit: BBC)

A fifth said: “Hmm did @bbceastenders screw up – Carmel in hospital? I am assuming everything went okay with Kush and his operation.”

It turned out that Carmel was in hospital getting test results to find out if she also has the Brugada syndrome, but viewers had to figure this out for themselves.

Lately EastEnders has been confusing fans a lot, as Martin got a four-week prison sentence for pushing a police officer, while Ted got off scot-free after shooting Johnny.

Martin lost his temper last week when he couldn’t find Stacey after the gas explosion at the Walford in Bloom event.

He was stressed and worried about his pregnant wife and when he heard her phone ringing near the site of the blast, he was desperate to rush to her and check she was okay.

Martin was put in jail while Ted and Joyce were let off (Credit: BBC)

But the police stepped into stop him and in his frustration and worry, he pushed the officer to the ground and was promptly arrested.

Fortunately, Stacey turned up safe and well, but Martin was carted away and locked up.

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Meanwhile, across the Square, Ted Murray shot Johnny after memories of his army days came back to haunt him.

Ted’s wife, Joyce, took the blame and was taken away by armed police, but then she was released on bail and no one stopped her going to visit her victim in hospital. Seems a little bit odd, doesn’t it?

Viewers certainly seem to think so, and believe the whole thing to be rather ridiculous.

Ted shot Johnny but he wasn’t put in jail which baffled viewers (Credit: BBC)

One viewer said: “What the hell is going off in #Eastenders, someone gets shot (released) martin pushes an officer to the floor (4weeks sentence) get a grip.”

Another viewer complained: “How messed up is EastEnders, so Joyce gets let off for shooting someone but Martin gets done for pushing a copper.”

A third said: “How is Martin in custody for pushing an officer but Joyce is casually walking around the square after saying she shot Jonny LOOL.”

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