Emmerdale fans baffled by basic continuity error

How did someone miss this?

Nothing gets past soap fans. Any error in character history or plot development will be picked up by someone, no matter how seemingly obscure.

So when there’s a mistake seemingly staring everyone right in the face, it’s going to be picked up, by many.

Many viewers were miffed last night about the curious incident of Rebecca’s vanishing baby bump.

It was definitely visible – even when she was wearing black – earlier in the week.

Now you see it… (Credit: ITV)

But, come Friday’s outing, it had gone.

Now you don’t (Credit: ITV)

Twitter was awash with the show’s fans having a good old moan about it.

One confused viewer wrote: “Is Rebecca genuinely pregnant? Doesn’t look it. Can’t remember!”

Another posted: “Rebecca is 7 months pregnant & still no bump!!!”

A third noted: “Loooool and the bump is gone again.”

One wag joked: “Did Emmerdale lose the pump to inflate Rebecca’s baby bump?”

Is she or isn’t she? (Credit: ITV)

The big question is: did Emmerdale make a mistake and forget to throw on the tummy padding?

Or is it actually a clue? Is Rebecca lying about being in the family way, and it’s her being inconsistent with creating a bump?

We KNOW there was a baby scan, but this is soap – anything can happen!

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