Fans attack Katie Price for her latest Instagram snap

Fans weren't too happy about a horse rug she'd wrapped her nag in

Poor Katie Price has a tough time of it sometimes.

On the one hand, she is universally praised by her ever-so devoted fans.

On the other, she is told off by some folks for something they think she’s done wrong.

She just can’t win, can she?

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This week, the horse-loving glamour puss was criticised about the way she has been treating her prized nag, Narla.

No, don’t worry, she hasn’t been beating her or neglecting the steed.

Nothing of the sort, in fact.

Instead, Katie was merely making sure her four legged friend was warm by wrapping her up in a toasty looking horse rug, courtesy of her new KP range of equestrian accessories.

No sooner had she posted the picture of the horse wrapped up in the slightly ridiculous but very snug-looking rug and her fans were kicking off.

Over 11k  like the post, but that didn’t stop some overly-sensitive fans from getting upset about the equestrian garment.

One raged: “Looks a bit suffocated to me not a fan of these rugs.”

Another sniped: “Why lol unnecessary really looks uncomfortable.”

A third moaned: “Is there a need for that on a sunny weather?”

In spite of the criticism, one fan jumped to the defence of the horse-loving business woman and explained why the rug was actually a very important garment.

“I’d imagine it’s a fly rug,” they wrote. “They are extremely breathable and have to be worn by horses that suffer from allergic reactions to fly and bug bites.”

See, trolls, there was a reason for Katie to dress that horse up in the slightly ridiculous-looking item.

Other fans were in agreement, some of whom were desperate to get their hands on one, with one follower gutted that she couldn’t actually find it on her website.

Of course, this isn’t the first time fans have not approved of Katie’s actions.

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Recently, they were out in force, pitch forks in hand, when she’d placed raw meat on a high shelf in the fridge and once again took her to task.

Well, don’t worry about it Katie. Take our advice: just keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the moaners!