EastEnders fans are NOT happy with ‘insensitive’ Ben Mitchell and Jay Brown

Oh, they're in the fandom's bad books

EastEnders fans were FUMING during last night’s New Year’s Eve episode of the BBC One soap as the residents partied the night away.

Not that they’ve got a problem with celebrating New Year, they were just stunned that the guest list at the Vic’s party included Ben Mitchell, Jay Brown and Donna Yates.

Ben and Jay enjoyed themselves (Credit: BBC)

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As we all know by now, a huge tragedy unfolded on Christmas Day as sisters, Lauren and Abi Branning, fell from the roof of the pub while trying to save their dad, Max.

Fans will remember that Abi has dated both Jay and Ben, while stall holder, Donna, is supposedly her best friend. In fact, Donna was the first person Abi told she was pregnant.

And the foursome even share a house together.

But while Abi – who has been declared brain dead – gave birth to a premature daughter via an emergency c-section, her housemates enjoyed themselves at the shindig, not even giving her a mention.

Donna was busy flirting with Robbie (Credit: BBC)

“Jay, Ben and Donna don’t seem the least bit bothered that their friend and housemate Abi is dying in hospital. Wtf is with this show?” asked one confused viewer.

“Why isn’t anyone bothered about Abi and Lauren? Donna? Jay? Ben?” wondered another.

“Well Ben and Jay are some friends. They’re flapping about the pub and poor Abi on her death bed #EastEnders,” said another, while a third branded the pair insensitive as they aimed darts at someone’s head.

Meanwhile, Donna was more interested in snogging her new love interest, Robbie Fowler, while Abi’s baby was being born. Someone might wanna have a word with her about priorities.

It wasn’t just Abi who was forgotten though, Lauren’s so-called best friend, Whitney Dean, also got some stick for not popping over to Walford General to check on her mate.

Whitney was at the party, not at Lauren’s bedside (Credit: BBC)

The absence of her boyfriend, Josh Hemmings, who she was planning on moving to Glasgow with, has also been noted.

And, despite falling out with his brother earlier this month, fans also wondered why Jack Branning wasn’t keeping vigil at the bedsides of his beloved nieces.

Earlier this week, fans were confused as Tanya Branning seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth following the dramatic Boxing Day episode.

The distraught mum was seen at the hospital with her girls after their fall, but hasn’t been seen since, leaving fans scratching their heads.

Of course, it’s down to Jo Joyner – who plays Tanya – being a guest star rather than a cast regular these days, and a guest star with a very busy schedule.

And who only knows where Tanya has got to (Credit: BBC)

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Jo announced on Twitter that she was only ever visiting Walford and wouldn’t be making a full-time return.

But that hasn’t stopped fans scratching their heads over Tan’s unexplained absence.

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