EastEnders fans are HORRIFIED by Bex Fowler kissing her teacher

The spit-swapping left everyone feeling a bit green

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Ok, so we might have all seen it coming a mile off, but Bex Fowler and her dishy music teacher,  Mr Pryce, got a little bit closer than they probably should in Tuesday’s EastEnders.

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It’s been building up for ages but, in the aftermath of the gas explosion, Bex finally made her move on her – who her mum, Sonia, has also got her eye on.

The schoolgirl dashed to his side after the explosion and took Teach back to hers to tend to his wounds – like a modern day Florence Nightingale.

And as she went in for the kill, Mr Pryce – who really should know better – didn’t exactly do anything to stop the kiss from happening. In fact, it looked like he was as into it as his student.

Crikey, these local disasters don’t half have a way of making people snog inappropriate others. We all remember Mick and Whitney after the bus crash, yeah?

But while Mr Pryce and Bex were clearly enjoying themselves it was a different story for the viewers, who took to Twitter to share their disgust.

Meanwhile, loads of others called out the hypocrisy on Bex’s part – after she had a go at her aunt Michelle for having and affair with one of her pupils, Preston, back in the States.

And with EastEnders confirming there will be a love triangle with Mr P and Sonia, it looks like things are only going to get more complicated for Bex.

Next week, the teen reaches out to Gethin – for that is Mr Pryce’s name – and wants to talk about what happened. Um, you made yet another bad decision over a male, that’s what happened.

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Just get back with Shakil already, love!

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