Coronation Street fans are heartbroken for poor Craig

It was so sad!

Lovestruck Craig Tinker declared his love for Bethany Platt in last night’s Corrie. And it did not go down well.

As he and Bethany watched a DVD together, he plucked up his courage to tell her how he felt.

“You’re my type,” he told her. “I really like you.”


Bethany didn’t react as Craig had hoped (Credit: ITV)

But did Bethany smile and say she felt the same way? No she did not. In fact, she reacted in the worst way possible.

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“You’re just like the rest of them,” poor Bethany yelled. Meaning, of course, the evil men who were responsible for her sexual exploitation ordeal earlier in the year.

And then she lost it. She shoved Craig in the chest and screamed at him to get out, before running upstairs on her own.

Bethany screamed at Craig to get out (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fans took to Twitter to express their sadness about how the evening had worked out for the super-cute pair.

Craig was devastated by Bethany’s reaction (Credit: ITV)

“Poor Craig he’s so lovely,” said one viewer.

“I feel for them both,” said another.

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And viewers understood why Bethany had reacted so badly.

“It’s going to take her a long time to trust men again,” said one astute viewer.

“She deserves a decent guy after what she’s been put through,” said another.

Let’s hope Bethany and Craig manage to work through their problems – they’re too adorable to be miserable!

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