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Fans are convinced they’ve worked out who dies in Emmerdale shock twist

Who do you think we'll be saying goodbye to?

Emmerdale is about to kill off one of its most popular characters, and soap fans think they’ve worked out WHO they’ll be waving goodbye to.

And it’s not looking good for Doug Potts and Gerry Roberts…

In scenes that aired on Tuesday (15 May), Doug and Gerry were seen discussing the B&B’s growing cracks in the ceiling, with increasing focus on Doug’s ‘initiative’ to fix it himself.

Will Doug or Gerry be killed in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

In other words, not part with his money by getting a professional in – but will the reckless decision cost him his life?

Despite coming home to a huge crack in the ceiling, Doug insisted it was just “teething problems”. After filling it in, the crack seemed to have got worse rather than better.

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Quite rightly, Gerry told Doug he should “leave the DIY to the professionals”.

Anyone else hearing loud alarm bells?

Oh Doug, get a builder in! (Credit: ITV)

Diane Sugden then warned: “I’m going away for a few days and I don’t want to be worrying about you.”

And fans jumped to the conclusion that scriptwriters were giving us a few hints… Is Doug going to pay with his LIFE for his reluctance to fix the ceiling properly?

Fans were convinced Doug will die in a tragic death of his own making, with one tweeting: “I think it’s pretty obvious that Doug is going to die. Gerry is a red herring. It’s going to be Doug.”

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Another agreed: “I am more and more convinced Doug will die.”

A third thought the growing bond between Doug and Gerry was a bad omen, adding: “Such lovely Gerry and Doug scenes which can only mean disaster is upon them.”


One viewer won’t be happy with either being killed off, saying: “Okay but killing either Doug or Gerry is a mistake because their relationship is wholesome and beautiful and rare to see on a soap between two unrelated male characters.”

So, will it be Gerry or Doug – or, have fans got it wrong, and could it be another character entirely?

All we know is that it will be a much-loved character…

The death will air on Thursday 17 May at 7pm and 8pm on ITV.

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