Emmerdale fans are CONVINCED they’ve worked out a HUGE Graham Foster theory after Joseph Tate reveal

Is there another massive twist to come?

Don’t know about you but we’re still picking our jaws up off the floor following last week’s massive reveal that Tom Waterhouse is actually Joe Tate and an evil, revenge-hungry mastermind.

But Emmerdale fans also think that Joe’s right-hand man, Graham Foster, might have his own agenda, predicting another HUGE twist in the tale.

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The fandom now think that Graham might actually be out to double-cross Joe and are demanding to know more about his past.

They’re even guessing that Graham has been in the village before…

Now, we don’t like to blow our own trumpets over here, but we already came up with the same theory MONTHS ago.

So, as we know, Joseph is an orphan.

His dad, Chris, committed suicide and tried to frame then-wife Charity for his murder, and Joe still blames her for his old man kicking the bucket.

His mum, Rachel, was murdered – by a man she was seeing called Graham Clarke.

And fans have spotted this link – not convinced it’s a coincidence.

Graham Clarke appeared to die when a car he was in careered off a cliff and burst into a ball of flames. But fans are now asking if he could have actually walked away.

“It’s unhealthy how bad I want Graham to be the Graham that killed Rachel. I know that he tried to kill Kathy too and his car went over a cliff…but did we ever see his body before the car burst into flames? Kathy got out..What if Graham did too? #Emmerdale,” tweeted one excited fan.

Another wondered: “Is sidekick graham the same graham (recast) that killed Joe Tate’s mother rachel?”

While a third added: “Wonder if Graham is the Graham who killed Joseph Tate’s mother? The real twisted mastermind.”

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Hmm…can you imagine if Graham drops that bombshell on Joseph.

He won’t be looking as smug as he did when he booted Debbie Dingle and her kids out of Jacob’s Fold last week, that’s for sure.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV

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