EastEnders fans are convinced Kat Slater will return and buy The Vic

But will it be Mrs Moon running the pub?

It really has been all go in Albert Square over the festive period.

From Max’s meltdown, to his daughters Abi and Lauren falling from the roof of The Vic, to Stacey sleeping with Max and leaving Martin, and of course a member of S Club 7 turning up too!

Bad Max! (Credit: BBC)

But EastEnders fans seem to be going into overdrive after the news that Kat Moon will be returning to the Square, and they’re convinced she’ll be the new owner of The Vic!!

Mick and Linda Carter face losing their beloved pub, and with Mick now taking part in Aidan Maguire’s ‘job’ to raise the £150,000 they need to buy the freehold back from Weyland & Co, fans on DSForums are convinced Kat’s lottery win will save the day!

Long-term viewers will recall Kat and Alfie striking lucky and winning a million quid on a scratch card back in 2015. After paying Stacey’s rent and pitch fees for a year, they headed off to Spain (as well as nipping to Ireland to film Redwater.)

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Big Mo and Kat are back! (Credit: BBC)

One wrote: “Hopefully Kat will take over when she returns with Alfie joining her later on.”

Another added: “I think the Slaters might take it. John Yorke and Jessie Wallace have said there is a big plan in place for the family.”

A third said: “I don’t think it would be Kat and Alfie this time (Is Alfie even returning?) I think it would be an all Slater set up of Kat, Stacey, the new Slater, Jean and Mo.”

After last being seen left for dead in Ireland, after her reunion with her son went pear-shaped, in spin off show Redwater, Kat is confirmed to be returning in the New Year.

Mumma Jean to the rescue (Credit: BBC)

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Not just that, but she’s also bringing Jean Slater (Stacey’s mum), and Big Mo with her, as well as a brand new Slater.


EastEnders boss John Yorke said: “Kat took swimming lessons as a child so survived the dramatic storm of Redwater and she comes with Jean, Big Mo and another yet to be revealed Slater reuniting to sort Stacey out once and for all.”

If Kat does buy the Vic, what will happen to the Carters? And more importantly where’s Alfie and the kids?

Oh the suspense is all too much, guess we will just have to wait and find out.