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EastEnders fans are certain they’ve worked out who dies during Aidan’s heist

Have that box of tissues at the ready!

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Could it be that one of EastEnders’ favourites is about to leave in a bodybag?

It’s certainly not looking good from the pictures that have been released so far, but rumours have got EastEnders fans in a tizzy.

Eastenders Dee Kim (Credit: BBC)
Dee comforts Kim (Credit: BBC)

With the confirmation from the soap that there will be a New Years Day shooting, the two photos concerned show Kim Fox-Hubbard, the wife of wannabe gangster Vincent, looking upset as she shares a moment with her sister, Dee.

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Eastenders Dee Kim (Credit: ITV)
Kim gets emotional (Credit: BBC)

Fans are convinced that it’s the V-man that dies after somebody gets shot in Aidan’s heist, after taking part in the criminal’s plot alongside Mick Carter, Phil Mitchell, Keanu Taylor and Billy Mitchell.

But a gun goes off leaving somebody fighting for their life.

In fact in a poll on DSForums, 40% of people that voted reckon its Vincent.

Fans on the DS Forums ran a poll (Credit: DSForums)

They followed up their votes,  saying;

But also in the trailer for the New Year’s Day episode, Shirley and Linda Carter are seen to be screaming at something, so is it Mick that gets injured, or worse, dies?

Shirley Linda carter Eastenders (Credit: BBC)
Linda and mother in law Shirley can’t believe what they’ve seen (Credit: BBC)

The pair arrive just as the gang attempt to hold up their target with fake weapons.

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Unfortunately for one of them, their target has a very real gun loaded and ready to use, and when a shot rings out it leaves one of Aiden’s gang on the ground.

Keanu Phil vincent Eastenders (Credit: BBC)
The game of scissors, paper, rock wasn’t going well (Credit: BBC)

With a man down, the remaining members try to finish the job they set out to do, even as it becomes increasingly clear that Phil’s old cell mate Aidan, had kept hidden an ulterior motive from them all.