Famous comedy duo reportedly snubbed by EastEnders’ bosses

How could they say no to these two legends?

Let it not be said that just because you are famous you get your own way.

Comedians Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are two of the most successful females around in TV land, but one particular TV show is ignoring their pleas to get involved!

EastEnders have apparently received numerous requests from the duo to join the cast, even if it’s just for a cameo role.

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Jennifer, who is a huge fan of the BBC soap, told The Sun newspaper,

“I love EastEnders!’’

”Me and Dawn say to them: ‘Put us in the back of the shot – we could just wander through the Queen Vic’.”

But they always go: ”’You’d be so bloody obvious.’

“I don’t think they trust us!”

To have them dress up and appear on the show? Now THAT would be Absolutely Fabulous!

The duo didn’t let that stop them from getting back together though.

They have announced that they are making their television comeback as a duo for the first time in a decade.

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Their new TV show is looking to be a Christmas Day special to mark their 30th anniversary. The pair’s last series together was in 2007.

Dawn told The Mirror that the new material, would be sending up “boozing reality TV shows” and hit drama The Handmaid’s Tale. “There’s some Handmaid’s Tale in there. We had fun with some of the costumes.”

Jennifer, also 59, continued: “Taking the [mick] out of people is a young person’s thing. It can start to look a bit tragic and bitter.”

We can’t wait!

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