Peter Andre explains why he’s boycotted I’m A Celeb this year

And, no, it's not because of Becky Vardy!

Peter Andre may have staged a comeback in the I’m A Celebrity jungle back in 2004, but that doesn’t mean he’s tuning in this year!

In his latest magazine column, under the headline “My jungle boycott”, the popstar explained just why he’s given I’m A Celeb the cold shoulder this year.

But before you go worrying he’s had a falling out with ITV (as if!), it’s actually just down to the fact he has limited time to watch telly and another programme is taking priority.

Pete, 44, explained in his New mag column: “This is the first year I’m not watching I’m A Celeb.

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“It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s just Emily and I are obsessed with MasterChef Australia and every time we get a chance to sit down in front of the telly, that’s what we put on.

“We haven’t got to the end yet, but as soon as we do I’m sure we’ll catch up on I’m A Celeb.”

But just because Peter is watching the show doesn’t mean he isn’t catching up with all the latest jungle gossip.

“I was so glad to read Ant & Dec’s TV comeback brought in over 11 million viewers,” he said.

“It just goes to show much much those guys are loved!”

Peter starred in the ITV show back in 2004 where, rather famously, he fell in love with first wife Katie Price.

Viewers watched their relationship blossom in camp and the following year they married in a lavish ceremony at Highclere Castle, before splitting four years later.

He’s now married to qualified doctor Emily MacDonagh.

Of course, maybe it’s not really a surprise Pete’s not been watching I’m A Celebrity.

After all, one of the contestants this year is Becky Vardy. The same Becky Vardy he once the spent the night with. The same Becky Vardy who once branded him the “worst lover” she’d ever had. Ouch.

The dalliance happened way back in 2003, before he’d ever met Katie or Emily.

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“He had great muscles and I thought he’d be a great lover,” she told the now defunct News of the World. “He was the worst lover I ever had.

“He didn’t even attempt to satisfy me.”

That’s gotta hurt.