Scarlett Moffatt explains the reason for her fluctuating weight

She's getting back to the gym

Put your hands up if you slightly overdid it with the mince pies, chocolates and wine this Christmas.

Looks like pretty much everyone, doesn’t it!

Scarlett Moffatt once again showed she’s just like the rest of us by vowing to turn over a new fitness leaf this January.

She took to Instagram to post a shot in workout gear.

Scarlett’s inspirational post (Credit: Instagram)

And she captioned it: “First day back at the gym today!! I know it’ll take a good couple of months to get my memory muscle back into the swing of things but I can’t wait to get fit for me, your health is your wealth.”

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A fan asked her what had led her to stop working out in the first place, and Scarlett’s reply spoke volumes.

She said: “Life took over and I know that sounds like an excuse but I was so busy, eating on the road! Was surrounded by not encouraging people – but that’s all changed.”

We wonder who she could have been talking about!

Scarlett’s weight has bounced around over recent years.

The 27-year-old had gotten down to a size eight last year, after dropping an incredible ten dress sizes – down from 18.

Scarlett was a tiny size eight last year (Credit: Instagram)

She even released an exercise DVD and said that she’d never felt better.

But her hectic lifestyle meant her workout and diet routines had gone out the window, leading to weight gain.

She’s struggled to maintain a weight (Credit: Tim McLees /

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However, she says she’s planning on sticking to the gym this year – and if there’s one thing we know about Scarlett, is that she’ll likely follow through with it.

Go on, girl!