Holly Willoughby explains that ‘sinister’ photo that spooked Instagram

A simple explanation after all!

Holly Willoughby has cleared up speculation that her home is haunted, after fans claimed to see a ghostly face in the background of a recent photo.

The 36-year-old shared a rare photo of her three young children – Harry, Belle and Chester – frolicking in the snow two days ago.

But it was an apparent ‘face’ visible on the wall of Holly’s garden that had everyone talking.

Anyone see a ghostly face? Nope. Us neither (Credit: Instagram @hollywilloughby)

Even This Morning were talking about it today, as Rylan brought up the image during his showbiz slot.

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He was pretty skeptical of the whole ‘ghost’ element, saying: “I’ve been doing Celebrity Ghost Hunting…”

“You’re gonna tell me something I don’t wanna know!” warned Holly.

But Rylan insisted that he wasn’t: “I’m trying to debunk everything. That is a piece of snow!”

A face? Or snow? (Credit: ITV)

Holly agreed – there is NO ghost!

She snapped three or four different pics of her children and said the ‘ghostly’ face doesn’t disappear but there is a good reason for it.

“It’s not snow,” she told Rylan. “It’s the salt coming out of the bricks. When you look at it from different angles, it’s still there, but it’s the salt on the bricks where the wall is.”

Phil could see a face (Credit: ITV)

Holly added: “You know what I’m like about ghosts! They’re my favourite things – NOT.

“It’s not a ghost. My house isn’t haunted. 100 per cent. I would know!”

One fan started the hoo-ha over the photo when they wrote in Holly’s Instagram comments section: “Anyone else noticed a face on the garden wall?”

Holly insisted her house isn’t haunted (Credit: ITV)

When another follower moaned that they couldn’t see anything, the fan offered a little more detail: “Zoom in as far as you can on the white bit of the wall (right hand side of the tree).

“It’s just below the red bricks on the right-hand side. It’s only little but looks like a doll’s face looking to the side.”

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Then the penny dropped. Someone exclaimed: “I’ve found it too!” while another added: “That is mad!!!! How did you see it?!”

And a third fan shivered: “That face in the wall… right of the tree – directly below the first full red brick laid landscape on the white. Looks like it’s at the end of the string of lights.”

But there’s no ghost. Okay?

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