Expectant dad Peter Andre on “horrific” labour experience

The singer is relieved he will never have to go through childbirth!

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Peter Andre is due to become a father for the fourth time next month.

His second wife Emily is expecting a brother or sister for their three-year-old daughter Amelia.

And Pete, being every inch the new man, decided to get in touch with what his woman will be going through.

Yes, the singer – who is also dad to Junior, 11, and Princess, nine – put himself through simulated labour, so he could fully appreciate what Emily, 27, will soon experience for a second time.

Good on him, right?

His Loose Women colleagues were only too obliging and set him up with a simulation experience last month – then filmed it for all their female viewers (many of them mums) to snigger at.

Poor Pete etc., but it was pretty funny to watch.

Within minutes of the experience beginning, the entertainer was left doubled up in pain through the ‘contractions’.

Pete was supported by a midwife, who held his hand and rubbed his back, like any considerate birthing partner.

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“The pain is absolutely horrific,” he admitted, at the height of his ordeal on the birth simulation machine, in a special birth clinic in Amsterdam.

“I’d rather have another 20 kidney stones than go through that again,” he added.

We think all dads-to-be should experience this!

Meanwhile, Pete and Emily both think their tot could put in an appearance ahead of its due date.

He told new! magazine: “I’ve got a very strong feeling this baby is coming early.”

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Emily also told OK! magazine: “I’m due mid-December but I had Millie three weeks early, so it could come in six weeks’ time!

“I could also end up having the baby really close to Christmas.

“We’re just going to make sure we’re super-organised for whenever the baby arrives.”

The couple have not found out the sex but Peter is hoping for a baby boy, which he will be choosing a traditional name for.

Pete said: “Strong names, like James, Arthur, Oscar and Max.”

And for a girl: “I love names like Rose, Elizabeth or Mary.”