EXCLUSIVE: “I’d love to cut Joey Essex in half” says BGT star!

Now there's an idea. Need any help?

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Dashingly handsome Britain’s Got Talent winner Richard Jones has revealed that he would love to chop Joey Essex in half.

Er… wouldn’t we all?

But don’t worry, the sexy magic man –  whose show Operation Magic airs on Saturday on ITV1 – hasn’t lost his mind – he just wants to slice the fella in half for fun.

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Speaking to exclusively to Andy West for Entertainment Daily, the David Beckham of the magic world who grew up in Essex, revealed that he would love to get his hands on the lovable fool to perform a death-defying magic trick.

“I could probably cut Joey in half or something and try and put him back together again the wrong way round,” the trick master teased.

“I reckon he’d up for it anyway, and he’d be like “yeah, yeah, go ahead!”

But Joey – just in case you do agree to be sawn in half, be warned – Richard might not be able to put you back to gather again!

“I’ve never cut anyone in half before so I wouldn’t know how it would work out,” the dishy trickster laughed.

“I don’t know if I could put Joey back together!”

In case you’re why he is so intent on cutting up Joey, we have the answer.

Unlikely as it may seem, Richard and Joey actually go way back – as they both went to school together.

Can you believe it?

Richard, who won last year’s BGT, says they got to know each other when Joey was forced to retake a couple years at school.

“I went to school with a lot of the cast of TOWIE, such as Joey Essex and Georgia Kousoulou,” Richard told Andy.

“I was a few years younger than Joey but he ended up in my class, because, er, well I wouldn’t want to speculate as to why.”

Er, we think we know why. But while we all know that Joey wasn’t the brightest spark, Richard says he was a loveable sort.

“He was a lovely I got on really well with Joey. He was a really funny guy, always making people laugh. He had a great sense of fashion, which was probably unusual at the time, but now I guess everyone follows his fashion and style.

In spite of his popularity, Richard said that he never saw the ladies’ man as a role model as such.

“I didn’t look up to him, he certainly wasn’t my idol and I didn’t get my pulling tactics from him, but he was a genuinely lovely enough guy to hang out with.”

Although he grew up in Chelmsford, Essex he says that he would never want to appear on TOWIE.

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“I don’t think I’d do it, “ he said. “It’s not really my kind of show. I do enjoy it and I have watched it a couple of times, like a guilty pleasure.

“But I don’t understand how it works on TOWIE – do you make the storylines up? Besides, I’m not single and isn’t the show all about romances and break ups so that would be difficult for me.”

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