Has Rylan just given away one of the new Strictly contestants?

He says he hasn't time to do the show but has he just let slip who is doing it instead?

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He may have said he had no time to do Strictly Come Dancing this year, but that hasn’t stopped the rumours whirring that he is still set to don his dancing slippers this summer.

Speaking to OK! he said: “I think Strictly is the only one I would do now,” however, he admitted that it would be impossible for him to do because it would clash with Celebrity Big Brother.

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“I can’t as I’m at Big Brother, the timings would never happen,” he explained.

“When Strictly starts, I’m at work still, so I see all the Strictly lot [at the studios] all the time.”

But hang on minute Rylan – Celeb BB ends at the end of August, while Strictly starts at the end of September, so why can’t you do it?

When Entertainment Daily’s pal Andy West caught up with him on the red carpet of the LGBT Awards, Rylan seemed very happy to chat about the blockbuster dance show – but we think for a very different reason.

Asked whether or not he thought it was time Strictly caught up with the times and introduced same sex partners, Rylan didn’t mince his words and was adamant that the show shouldn’t feel forced to.

“I think the premise of the format is a man and a woman doing the dance,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re gay. Some of the dancers are gay.”

“[The producers] should stay with it as it is. If they do want to do that, they do it.

“It shouldn’t be forced.”

He added that he didn’t fancy dancing with a fella: “If I was on Strictly, I would want to dance with a woman.”

Hmmm. He’s got a lot to say about Strictly for someone who’s not doing the show… we reckon someone close to home may well be!

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Like his hubby Dan.

During the chat with Andy, Rylan stressed the point that if the show’s producers did decide to introduce same sex partners he’d be worried about Dan taking part in the show in case the Strictly curse struck.

He said: “Well if [there were same sex couples]  he definitely won’t be doing it, cos half of them run off with each other.”

Won’t! Not ‘wouldn’t’! Is Dan in line to take part? Was Rylan giving us a wee clue there?

As always the BBC are keeping quiet about the rumours, but Rylan’s words have got us thinking, especially as Dan’s TV career is slowly on the rise since he came to fame on Big Brother…

Meanwhile, in Big Brother world, Rylan has teased us about the upcoming civilian series, hinting that it will be a lot more political.

“I think BB does what BB does best. It looks around itself and goes, ‘What is every one talking about and lets play this game’.

“People are talking politics and the election and the divide between the Conservatives and Labour, the countryside, the city, the rich, the poor.

“It’s safe to say to say we have got a very varied cast of housemates from all of Britain’s walks of life. If you read the eye there is a sign that says “we are all immigrants”.

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