Ex On The Beach star is “worried” he’s Steph Davis’ baby daddy!


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Joshua Ritchie has revealed he’s “worried” he could be the father of Stephanie Davis’ newborn baby.

X-rated footage emerged May last year of the pair in bed together shortly after Steph split from Jeremy McConnell AND the announcement of her pregnancy.

Coincidence? We think not.

Speaking to The Sun, the Love Island star said: “I slept with Steph nearly a year ago.

“I’m worried – she could be turning up on my doorstep with the baby any time soon.”

Is someone with a script writing this, or what?!

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However, Steph has always been adamant that Jeremy is the father of her baby and discussed that video on Loose Women last July.

She said: “I was already pregnant.

“He [Jeremy] already knew I was pregnant.”

Josh continued to cause confusion by sending Steph a congratulatory message following the news her son was born.

He wrote: “congrats on your new born babe.. Hope your all well and healthy take care”.

This comes as Jez has cut his lads holiday short to come home and get to the bottom of the Steph drama.

A source told Daily Star: “Jez has told friends he really wants to sort the situation out and find out if he is the father once and for all.

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“Regardless of the media circus which surrounds him and Steph, if he is the dad of her child then he is determined to step up to the plate and support her.”

Jez also took to Twitter a day after the little on was born and wrote: “I am delighted that Steph has safely had the baby, of course if he is my son I will absolutely step up and do what I can to support him.”

So is Jez the dad? Or is there a huge plot twist in store for us and Josh is the father?

Watch this space.