Gemma Oaten

Ex-Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten reveals her at-high-risk parents were burgled

She says 'food and essentials' were stolen

As if having to face the threat of coronavirus wasn’t bad enough, former Emmerdale actress Gemma Oaten has revealed that her parents were recently burgled while in lockdown.

The 35-year-old, who played Rachel Breckle in the ITV soap, posted an emotional message to Twitter this morning, telling her fans that food and essentials were stolen in the raid.

And fellow soap stars, along with fans of the show, have been offering their words of support.

Gemma, who has more than 83,000 followers on Twitter, shared the post at 10.52am this morning (Saturday, Aprill 11).

It said: “So my parents, who are high risk, were burgled yesterday, food and essentials gone. Makes my blood boil.

So sorry to hear this Gemma. Sending love to you and your parents xx.

“However, us Oatens always bounce back. When I’m next home, I’m camping out to catch them.

“Seriously though… please be kind. PLEASE think of the bigger picture X stay safe x.”

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Messages of support

At the time of writing, the post had racked up  over 200 likes. Plenty of followers sent messages of comfort to the actress.

Among those who commented was Samantha Giles, who played Bernice Blackstock in Emmerdale until she departed the programme last year.

Samantha Giles
Another former Emmerdale star, Samantha Giles, sent her condolences to Gemma (Credit: ITV)

She soothed: “So sorry to hear this Gemma. Sending love to you and your parents xx.”

Liam Fox, who plays Dan Spencer in the show, also shared his thoughts, posting: “[Expletive] hell Gemma! That’s disgusting! Hope they’re OK.”

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Fan calls it ‘disgusting’

And fans had their say, too. One wrote: “That’s so awful. Hope they’re OK and not too shaken up.

“It’s disgusting that even in this awful time there are still those who want to hurt others.”

Gemma joked that she would catch the burglars (Credit:

Last week, another former Emmerdale star, John Bowe, revealed that he almost died after contracting the coronavirus.

The actor, who played Lawrence White in the ITV soap, broke the shocking news to his fans on Twitter.

He wrote: “#Coronavirus Sunday observations. I have nearly died twice in my life. Once just last week.

“The gauze between life and death is extremely thin and oh so easy to pass through. Certainly in one direction. Not sure about the other. As yet.”

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