Which evil EastEnders character is set for SHOCKING return?

This would certainly ruffle some feathers in Albert Square

Look out Walford! One of the most despised characters in EastEnders history could be returning to Albert Square.

Actor Matt Di Angelo has teased that his rapist character Dean Wicks, could be making a comeback.

Dean had escaped with a not guilty verdict after his attacks on sister-in-law Linda Carter and girlfriend Roxy Mitchell.

Dean had been paid off to leave the country by his grandfather Buster.

He was meant to be gone for good but it seems that he could be making a very unwelcome return to the square where he committed his crimes.

Speaking about a possible return, Matt said: “No-one can tell the future.

“It could be right for me to go back one day, but with that last story, it is less likely.

“It took its toll on me, but it didn’t bleed into my private life. No-one shouted at me in the street.”

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At the time, viewers were incensed at the decision to let Dean off of his crimes.

The fact that he walked free though was praised by anti-rape campaigners as they said it showed that this is the actual reality.

They have said that it is only a minority of rapists that are brought to justice.

EastEnders was also praised for “challenging so many myths” surrounding the crime.

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Rebecca Hitchens, Operations Coordinator at Rape Crisis South London, said: “Too often the reality of rape is seen as too difficult to represent and so stereotypes are relied on and reinforced.

“However we have continued to work alongside scriptwriters on the storyline and applaud the way they have challenged so many myths in the process.”

What is for certain is that the return of Dean Wicks may not be popular from a moral point of view but no doubt promises high drama for the viewers.