Everyone’s going mad for Holly Willoughby’s pink suede skirt

Viewers have been obsessing over the 'skirt of dreams'

This Morning host Holly Willoughby has won fashion yet again, as viewers gushed over the beautiful pink suede skirt she wore on the show today.

Holly rocking the skirt of dreams (Credit: HollyWilloughby/Instagram)

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Hols has become something of a daytime fashion queen of late and, luckily for us, her gorgeous outfits are pretty much always high street.

Aspirational, yet achievable. We like.

As usual, Holly posted a snap of herself in her #OOTD on Instagram with details of where she shopped her look.

The skirt of dreams is an LK Bennet number and retails at £495 – which yeah, is quite a lot for a skirt. But before we’re tempted to give our credit cards a pounding, it’s currently sold out online.

Her snow-white polo neck is a more bank balance friendly £17.50 and is from good old M&S.

Her Insta page was flooded with messages from fans, going absolutely crazy over the outfit.

One wrote: “Love the skirt it’s a must have for the winter wardrobe.”

The skirt as it appeared online (Credit: LKBennet/Instagram)

Another had a more sensible outlook about the suede number: “The skirt is gorgeous, yes! But wear it a few times and it’ll end up all shiny at the back on and costing a fortune in dry cleaning bills! I guess those who can afford to buy this impractical skirt don’t give a hoot! Lol!”

Someone else added a (possibly back handed) compliment, saying: “ultimate teacher outfit goals.”

Meanwhile one cheeky viewer said Holly could send the outfit to her once she was done with it: “If possible 😬once you’ve finished with your skirt, please feel free to ship to me (I’m UK based 😬) 😂😀 lovely outfit 👍🏾

Well, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Yet another simply commented: “Wow!”

We guess we’ll just be here waiting for New Look to bring out a bargain version.

While her outfits are pretty much usually winners, she divided opinion earlier this week with a ‘mismatched’ outfit of dress and ankle boots.

This ensemble divided opinion (Credit: HollyWilloughby/Instagram)

She captioned the snap: “Good morning! Today’s look on @thismorning dress by @hobbslondon boots by @jonesbootmaker #HWStyle💁✨.”

Her devoted followers rushed to comment on the post gushing over the star’s look.

One said: “Gorgeous lady, amazing style ❤️.”

Another wrote: “Loving the boots!”

But others weren’t so keen on the star’s choice of footwear.

One commented: “Always love what you wear, but I don’t like the boots with the dress sorry.”

Another agreed: “Not sure about the boots!! She never usually gets it wrong for me!”

“Loving the dress, not keen on the boots,” a third said.

A fourth added: “Lovely dress not sure the boots look right with it though.”

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Just goes to show, even when you’re Holly Willoughby, you can’t please all the people all of the time.

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