Eva Longoria drops baffling bombshell about new husband

This would be grounds for divorce in our world...

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Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria Baston has said her husband has never watched the show that made her famous.

NEVER watched Desperate Housewives! Like, how is that even possible?

The actress married Jose Antonio Baston, the president of Latin American media company Televisa, earlier this year and said he never saw the hit programme because it was broadcast by a rival company.

Eva leaves ITV studios (Nick Ansell/PA Wire/PA Images )

She played frustrated housewife Gabrielle Solis for eight series of the drama between 2004 and 2012 but told ITV’s Loose Women: “My husband has still never seen it. He just never watched it.

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“He has a media company in Mexico and the competitor had the rights to it so he almost boycotted it.

Eva leaves ITV studios (Nick Ansell/PA Wire/PA Images )

“When we started dating he tried to watch it but when he watched the first episode when I’m having sex with everyone he said, ‘No, I’m not watching this’.”

Longoria Baston, 41, said the couple fell “in love at second sight” after they were set up by a mutual friend and she is now a stepmother to his three children.

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She told the panel: “For me it has been so fun and rewarding, he has three amazing kids but I’m not their mother.

“I’m an extra bonus person in their lives to help with the structure at home and be there for them.

Eva leaves ITV studios (Nick Ansell/PA Wire/PA Images )

“They have a mum and I think it’s important for the stepmum to have the conversation with the mum about not having the fun parent and having the same rules at both houses.”

The actress, who is in London for her charity’s Global Gift Gala, which will honour Strictly Come Dancing star Anastacia, said she has not ruled out having a child of her own.

She said: “Children are a blessing  and if it happens it would be great but it’s not like I’ve been going ‘we must have children’ too.

“We have three amazing children and very big careers.”