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EuroMillions record jackpot of £184m CLAIMED by single British player

Someone's popping the champagne corks today!

The record EuroMillions jackpot of £184 million has been claimed by a single British player, it has been revealed.

This makes the lucky winner richer than singer Adele overnight.

The single ticket holder came forward to claim the country’s biggest-ever prize on the National Lottery.

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One lucky winner is now £184 million richer thanks to a huge EuroMillions jackpot (Credit: Jeff Blackler/Shutterstock)

EuroMillions jackpot claimed

Someone’s popping open the champagne this morning after scooping the record-breaking prize.

To put it into perspective, an average Brit would have to earn more than £31,000 for 5,781 years to earn that amount of money.

Camelot’s Andy Carter hailed the win as “incredible”.

“This is absolutely incredible news,” he said.

Andy added: “Last night saw history made with the biggest ever National Lottery prize won by a single UK ticket-holder, and we’re ecstatic that we’ve now received a claim.

We’re ecstatic that we’ve now received a claim

“Our focus now is on supporting the ticket-holder through the process and helping them start to enjoy their truly life-changing and record-breaking win.”

So how should they spend their life-changing cash?

Wisely, Andy told The Sun previously.

“Take your time. When people do win, it suddenly becomes serious, so people aren’t often as gregarious as they think they will be,” he said.

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“It is a bit of a huge shock. And sometimes you can be sort of concerned with the shock, you forget to celebrate.

“For your own sake, you want to look back and think actually, I shall never ever forget this.”

Who won the prize?

We don’t actually know that just yet… and we may never find out!

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That’s because winners of huge jackpots like the EuroMillions one often opt for no publicity surrounding their win.

They prefer to remain anonymous.

Which is a little annoying as it means we’re unsure as to where to send our begging letter…!

How to check your EuroMillions and National Lottery results

You can check your numbers on ED!’s dedicated National Lottery results checker page here.

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