EOTB EXCLUSIVE! Melissa has “no morals and a c**p personality!”

Georgina Leigh Cantwell fires another dismissive look at the MTV show

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MTV’s Ex on the Beach saw a newbie arrive in the shape of Melissa. Where do I start with her?


I don’t know who she thinks she is?!

Everyone is human and I am sure she wouldn’t like to go up against a girl like herself.

I don’t think the dark eye makeup is doing her any favours though. Best watch my back with what I say before she goes IN on me. She won’t go far in life if she does!

The guys obviously see Melissa as an object and if she wants to be an object then that’s up to her. She clearly has close to no morals. She might have a good body but she has a crap personality!

The paintballing bus scene was like something straight out of TOWIE. I don’t think it is all staged but everyone must know though, it’s constructed reality! I mean as if people believe ex’s just pop out of the water!

I’ve no idea why guys nowadays aspire to be like Gary Beadle. It doesn’t seem like he’s malicious to women in the way he talks, he just doesn’t have respect for them in how he treats them, by that, I mean him playing them.

Obviously he has some respect, from the way he talks, but maybe just not enough respect to stick to one at a time.

Or maybe he just doesn’t know what he wants.

But I don’t know why guys aspire to be like him, I really don’t get it, sure he’s good looking but looks only get you so far in life.

EOTB is becoming as big as TOWIE and MIC though, so there’s definitely enough interest in the show.

I have no idea why people keep watching though.

Maybe people watch it to look at what they don’t want in a relationship, or a boyfriend/girlfriend. That’s one of the reasons I watch it, I think yikes I best reign in my attitude or I’ll be like one of those girls! Not saying they’re bad girls, just maybe unstable.

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