‘Enders’ Adam Woodyatt and Steve McFadden land mega-bucks new roles

Their families will be pleased as they'll have extra dosh for Chrimbo pressies.

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For some reason, everyone’s been really interested in what the cast of EastEnders are earning.

Last week we told you that Danny Dyer is the kingpin of Albert Square and pockets a whopping £400, 000 a year.

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This tasty figure was almost twice as much as what Adam ‘Ian Beale’ Woodyatt gets and £100, 000 than Steve ‘Phil Mitchell’ McFadden.

So it will come as no surprise that the fellas have snapped at the chance to join the cast of pantos this Christmas.

Okay, so you might think performing woodenly in a panto is a big step down for drama loving thesps like Steve and Adam.

But no!

But these days pantos are big deals for actors, as they tend to make loads of money from appearing in them!

According to reports  Adam Woodyatt, 48, who plays Ian Beale, is set to be paid £130,000 for just four weeks work playing  Captain Hook in Peter Pan in Swindon this Christmas.

This is good news for Adam, as last year he was forced to give up the opportunity to do panto due to his hectic EastEnders work schedule and lost out on making big bucks,

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Co-star and on screen adversary Steve McFadden, 58, will apparently take home £180,000 for five weeks work in the same role in Plymouth.

“Soap stars love panto as they can make more money in a few weeks than in six months on the show,” a source has told The Sun.

“It’s great news this year’s schedule meant Adam could fit in panto.”

While their pay packets are pretty impressive for such short amount of time, neither come any where near the £300k that Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan is set to earn as the Fairygod Mother in Cinderella in Bradford.

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