Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry teases interesting news about Rhona and Cain!

The actress is married to Jeff Hordley, who plays the Dingle bad boy

Dedicated Emmerdale fans will know full well that Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle, and Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona Goskirk, are married in real life.

They will also know that the pair are rarely seen on screen together – in fact, we are struggling to remember any interaction between their characters at all. (And we watch a LOT of Emmerdale!)

But that’s all set to change.

Zoe, who’s currently at the centre of this week’s critically acclaimed rape trial – called into This Morning today and let slip some interesting developments between Rhona and Cain.

Zoe revealed exciting filming news on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

For context, some months ago – as Pierce was mounting his subtle campaign of manipulation against his then-girlfriend – he hit the wall when Rhona admitted that Cain Dingle would be her fantasy one-night stand.

Now Zoe has revealed that her character will be sharing some screen time with Cain.

Hmmmmm. Brain cogs whirring?

We’d love to put two and two together and come up with TORRID AFFAIR, but sadly the actress has already suggested this isn’t the case.

Emmerdale co-stars Jeff and Zoe are married in real life (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Zoe made the revelation as presenter Ruth Langsford pointed out that the real-life couple rarely act in scenes together.

She said: “Well, interesting you say that actually.

“There was a moment a while back when Rhona said that her one-night fantasy would be Cain.

“We’ve just shot scenes which will air in a couple of weeks, some scenes where – that doesn’t come to light – but certain things happen. So that’s quite interesting.”

Cain’s been around the romance block in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Certain things happen? Our minds have literally gone into overdrive. If it’s not *that*, then what?

Zoe sweetly added that she got the butterflies shooting these scenes.

“I was nervous to work with him. He’s my husband, I wanted to impress him.”

Aww, how cute is that?!

Zoe and Jeff have been married for 14 years and have two children together – Violet, 12, and Stan, nine.