Emmerdale’s Michael Praed sends This Morning presenter into a spin

Sharon Marshall couldn't control herself

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This Morning soap expert Sharon Marshall turned giggly schoolgirl when she met her crush Emmerdale star Michael Praed.

Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby suggested Sharon have some company while doing her regular soap segment and she was thrilled when handsome Michael arrived to sit next to her.

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Kicking her legs against the sofa she looked like the cat who got the cream as he came in.

Cuddling up to him, she started delightedly stroking him and fawning all over the very flattered actor.

Holly was stunned, commenting: “Look how excited she is! It’s like Christmas!”

Holly was a bit confused by her behaviour though asking that seeing as they both worked on Emmerdale how come they’d never met before?

“They wouldn’t let me!” Sharon quipped.

“We got thwarted,” Michael revealed. “For one reason or another it was decided we couldn’t meet.”

“Probably because she’d do this!” Holly laughed.

“A little bit of discreet adoration never hurt anybody,” Michael said.

After revealing she’d waited 30 years to meet him, Sharon did the rest of the soap spoilers lounged against the Frank Clayton actor.

And there’s a chance her luck might be in because when Sharon disappeared later on, Michael asked Phillip and Holly for Sharon’s phone number!

Sharon was quick to Tweet about her experience after the show. “Think I played that cool,” she wrote.

Fans were quick to tell her just how jealous they were.

“You are one lucky lady!” Monkey tweeted her.

And Emma Dale replied: “Oh wow, I only just realised!!! Robin Hood, wasn’t he? Oh my goodness one of my first crushes. Lucky you! [sic]”

“So jealous! He’s officially on my ‘list'” Lexy Ink added.

Michael went on to talk about his character’s scheme with Charity Dingle.

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You can check out Sharon’s naughty behaviour and Michael’s full chat here.

Subtle, isn’t she?

Oh we love her!

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