Emmerdale’s Danny Miller calls Roxanne Pallett a ‘known compulsive liar’

Roxanne accused Ryan Thomas of being 'violent' towards her

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Emmerdale’s Danny Miller had strong words about former co-star Roxanne Pallett following Thursday night’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Viewers saw an upset Roxanne, 35, accuse CBB housemate Ryan Thomas, 34, of being ‘violent’ and ‘punching’ her during an incident in the kitchen.

Ex-Coronation Street star Ryan, who apologised and said there had been no malice or anger intended, was given a formal warning for ‘unacceptable’ behaviour by Big Brother.

Danny Miller, The British Soap Awards 2018
Danny sent a tweet out about former Emmerdale star Roxanne (Credit: Brett D Cove/Splash)

In a tweet sent following the episode, Emmerdale’s Danny made it clear he was backing Corrie’s Ryan over his former Emmerdale colleague Roxanne.

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He told fans: “Roxanne’s a known, compulsive liar. Ryan wouldn’t harm a fly. Horrible, attention seeking little liar. Goes from being upset & in pain to dancing & drinking – to going bed, crying she can’t sleep in the same room as Ryan, to worrying about being nominated? You be the judge.”

Danny, who plays Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle, has been a castmember on Emmerdale since 2008, which is the year Roxanne – who played Jo Sugden – departed the ITV soap.

In a statement to ED!, Roxanne’s rep said: “Roxanne has no contact with the outside world to make her own statement, however we do know that Roxanne has worked closely with various domestic violence charities due to being a victim of domestic violence herself.

“She would be very upset to find out she may have caused offence to others who have been through the same. We can’t make any more comment at present until such time as Roxanne is out of the Big Brother house and is able to address this situation herself.”

In scenes that aired on Thursday night, Ryan was seen appearing to engage Roxanne in a ‘play fight’ in the kitchen as he jumped around her making punching actions.

She then asked Big Brother to call her to the Diary Room where she asked to speak to a producer over something that had made her “uncomfortable”.

Ryan Thomas and Roxanne Pallett
Roxanne said she felt uncomfortable by Ryan’s actions in the kitchen (Credit: Channel 5)

Breaking down in tears, Roxanne said: “I’m just a little bit in shock. I went from being upset to being angry, because a boy has punched me repeatedly unprovoked, he actually punched me like a boxer would punch a bag.

“And we weren’t play fighting, there was no banter, it wasn’t a joke, there was no exchange.”

Big Brother told Roxanne the footage was being reviewed and the matter was being “taken very seriously”.

“I can’t believe you’re letting someone stay who did that,” said Roxanne, bursting into tears. “It’s not okay.”

Roxanne asked to sleep in a separate bedroom because she was “suffering” and “didn’t feel comfortable” sleeping in the same room as Ryan.

“I am now suffering and having to alter my experience because somebody else was violent,” she said. “I can’t believe you’re letting him stay. It’s awful.”

Ryan Thomas
Ryan said there was no malice (Credit: Channel 5)

After being called to the diary room, Ryan was told: “Before you entered the Big Brother house, rules regarding unacceptable behaviour were explained to you. You have broken this rule.

“At 3.55pm today, Big Brother noticed that whilst almost play fighting, you punched Roxanne in the ribs.

“This caused Roxanne to say ‘ow, that bloody hurt’. Whether you intended to hurt Roxanne or not is irrelevant. Do you understand what you did was unacceptable?”

Roxanne asked to sleep in a different room (Credit: Channel 5)

Ryan said: “From your point of view, yes, but I think we both know, and Roxanne, that there was no malice or anger in anything I did.”

He apologised.

Big Brother said: “Big Brother is issuing you with a formal warning in regards physical contact in the house.

“Any repetition, and Big Brother may have no choice but to remove from the house.”

Roxanne said she was in shock over the incident (Credit: Channel 5)

Since the episode aired, a slew of Ryan’s famous friends and soap colleagues have spoken out in his defence, saying he is “kind and gentle” and would never hurt anybody.

Among them are Brooke Vincent, Charley Webb, Hayley Tamaddon, Sally Ann Matthews, Georgia May Foote and Samia Longchambon.

Ryan’s girlfriend, Lucy Mecklenburgh, and his brothers, ex-Emmerdale star Adam and Love Island’s Scott have also shared their anger in what happened.

A statement posted to Ryan’s official Instagram account read: “From the moment he walked in he’s just kept smiling and bringing the positive energy as much as possible! From his over the top reactions to his crazy laugh he’s been nothing but good fun!

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“What happened tonight was ridiculously unfair and it’s actually scary to see how another individual can try and actively tarnish someone’s character! But thankfully the footage is there for everyone to see.

“Don’t let them dampen your light brother! Keep shining.”

Paris Lee
Roxanne’s friend Paris was on CBBBOTS (Credit: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Roxanne’s friend Paris Lee appeared on Bit On The Side yesterday, where she also addressed the situation.

“Roxy is a mate, I love her to bits. She is a very theatrical person. I came on tonight to defend her. I understand she’s annoyed people, people thinking she is false, but that’s who she is. She is authentically superficial, there is a sincerity to that.

“I was surprised she took it that way but I feel really uncomfortable just dismissing her because sometimes you playfight with someone and someone can hurt you more than they realise. She’s a tiny little thing who would fit in a shoe box. Maybe he caught her in the ribs.

“It’s not how I would have… but I’m trying to see the other side. Maybe she’s feeling a bit run down, a bit heightened, I don’t know…

“I don’t think I’d react in the same way she reacted but I don’t necessarily agree she’s doing it for attention. I think for whatever reason she genuinely feels this way about the situation.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5.

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