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Emmerdale writer deletes Twitter account after abuse over Robron

Fans furious with latest plot developments

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An Emmerdale writer has quit Twitter, after receiving abuse from fans over the Robron storyline.

Viewers were left shocked and upset by recent scenes, which saw Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) cheat on his new husband Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca White.

And writer Joe Parkinson found himself on the receiving end of fans’ anger, as they criticised him for “playing to the bisexual stereotype”.

Aaron was sent to prison the day after the couple’s wedding, and whilst in there he has become a target for homophobic abuse and started taking drugs.

And as Robert has struggled to see his husband fall apart and been rejected by him, he got drunk and turned to his ex Rebecca for comfort – and cheated.

But Robron fans have been critical of the bisexual storyline, taking to Twitter to share their anger.

“Thanks for making all bisexuals seem like cheaters. As a bisexual I am not a happy camper rn,” said one, while another added “Can they STOP with the Robert cheating storylines its pathetic and harmful bisexual representation that made me feel sick #emmerdale”.

Another fan accused the soap of “ruining” their favourite character and not taking it seriously.

Writer Joe Parkinson spoke out to defend himself and the storyline in a series of Twitter messages, explaining: “His bisexuality isn’t why he cheats. It’s irrelevant. Cheating is in all soaps and isn’t dependent on their sexuality.

“Was the scene him saying ‘I’m bi so must sleep with a woman,’ or did he just sleep with an old flame who happens to be a woman? Judging anyone purely based on their sexuality is wrong and Robert is more than just his sexual orientation – as it everyone.”

He later decided to delete his Twitter account.

Trying to calm the situation, actor Danny Miller – who plays Aaron – used his own Twitter account to send a message to fans. And to remind them that, however gripping it might be, it is just a soap opera.

Danny wrote: “I know it’s not going the way you’d imagined. But it’s soap. There’s loads of twist & turns. The abusive accounts/tweets helps nothing!

“Your passion & love for the characters & the show, makes us want to push you away & pull you back in. Its a journey. Plenty more to come.”