Emmerdale: Will Rhona die during ‘Time Twist’ week?

Death is coming to the Yorkshire village and it's "going to get tricky" for her

ITV soap Emmerdale is heading for one it’s most memorable weeks for years according to the show’s vicar, Ashley Thomas.

John Middleton, who plays Ashley, revealed plans for a “quite extraordinary” set of episodes during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

There has already been a nail-biting teaser trailer released that hints at a death on the Dales.

Rumours are circulating that there could be more than one character that bites the dust during an explosive week.

The Grim Reaper may be hovering over a few of the village residents but that hasn’t dampened John’s enthusiasm for what’s to come.

He revealed to viewers that something seismic for soaps is happening: “We have done something important.

“We have done TV that will be talked about in a few years time.

“It’s TV people will remember and say ‘do you remember when Emmerdale did that?’

“You will want to see every episode.”

It has already been announced that John’s character, Ashley, is being written out and that the vascular dementia that he suffers from is going to have a big say on his departure.

There is speculation that this will be the week that he finally meets his end.

Ashley might not be the only one though, as there seems to be a possible eight characters that could meet their maker during the week of drama.

Speaking to Richard Arnold, John added: “It’s quite extraordinary the way we have filmed it.

“The drama is in the scripts.”

Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona Goskirk, also teased that she could be in the firing line.

She admitted: “Things are going to get tricky for Rhona.”

That sounds like an understatement as her boyfriend in the soap, Pierce, goes on the warpath looking for her and ex-husband Paddy.

Someone will have blood on their hands by the end of the week.