EMMERDALE: Will Ashley expose Emma for causing horror smash?

The vicar already appears to remember what happened...

Everyone recovered from Emmerdale’s epic conclusion to Time Twist week? Nor us.

We still have a lump in our throat each time we think back to James Barton’s deathbed scene – and the howls of pain from the family as he flatlined.

There’s even a momentary flash of sympathy for nutty ex-wife Emma, who seemed genuinely devastated – until we remember she killed him!

However it seems, in true soap style, the villain will get their comeuppance – if not soon, then eventually.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have clocked through their tears last night that Ashley seemed to have a glimmer of recognition about proceedings that fateful day.

When the vicar – suffering from dementia – saw Emma in the hospital, it appeared he was having a flashback to her being on the footbridge.

Indeed earlier in the episode, the confused man of the cloth gave his account of the devastating events to police investigating what happened.

“There was someone on the bridge,” he recalled. “There was someone up high. I think there was…”

Then, as he saw Emma, it seemed that the penny had dropped. He didn’t confront her, perhaps because he feels he can no longer trust his own mind or memory…

However, his words to the Barton matriarch, at this point awaiting news on whether James would survive, were cryptic: “I will pray for you.”

Was he referring to James? Or was he suggesting he knows about her guilt and condemned soul?

And if Ashley does speak out, given the state of his health, will anyone trust he has remember events correctly?

Viewers are certainly hoping justice will be done, willing Ashley to recall what happened:

One viewer wrote: “Oh gawd! Ashley almost remembered and Emma’s squeezing the life support! (chews nails) Me poor nerves!#Emmerdale.”

Another posted: “Oh please Ashley please please remember it was scary Emma on the bridge @emmerdale.”