Emmerdale viewers slam soap’s “disgusting” ‘incest’ plot

Pete Barton has revealed he slept with his aunt Moira

Soaps are renowned for pushing boundaries but there seems to be one storyline topic viewers still find completely unpalatable: incest.

Emmerdale viewers are up in arms over the revelation of relations between Pete Barton and his aunt, Moira.

Fans of the show knew that the pair had shared a kiss previously – but it’s now been revealed that the pair slept together

Emmerdale viewers have been left stunned by a shocking revelation during the latest episode.

The secret was blown as Moira’s estranged husband Cain agreed to take the blame for her knocking down Pete to cover for his drunk ex.

Pete then corroborated the fake story with the police.

As Moira and Pete discussed the incident afterwards, they let slip their sexy shenanigans.

Guilty Moira said: “I’m going to change my statement and admit to what I’ve done. Do you think Cain would do this for me if he knew what really happened between us?”

Pete, referring to his girlfriend Leyla, responded: “Please Moira, I don’t want to lose her!”

“Then why sleep with me?” she fired back.

“I know that I can’t ever be with you. We both screwed up, you need to put it all behind you,” replied Pete.

Well! That really got viewers twitching!

One fan said: “The thought Of Moira and Pete together is disgusting.” Another tweeted: “Moira and Pete knock me sick.”

General consensus was that the show had gone too far…

Now, it is worth pointing out for anyone who isn’t an Emmerdale expert that Moira and Pete are not actually blood relatives.

Moira was married to John Barton, who was Pete’s dad James’s brother.

Does that make things any less gruesome in your eyes?

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