Emmerdale viewers seriously unimpressed with Pete and Priya affair

Soap's fans don't find it believable

Emmerdale put the sizzle into summer on Friday night as Priya and Pete – two of the hottest villagers got it on.

Yes – together!

We know it came like a bolt out of the blue, but poor Priya’s been struggling with husband Rakesh for a long while now.

And she’s hardly the most confident of people when it comes to self-worth.

So when she called on Leyla for a supportive shoulder, only to find Pete there and ready to bolster her ego and tell her how great she is…

Well, she pounced. Like LITERALLY pounced.

And the pair ended up sleeping together!

Priya and Pete can’t resist each other (Credit: ITV)

Honestly, is there NO loyalty?

Poor Rakesh? Not so much… Poor Leyla, though – betrayed by her boyfriend and her best friend.

What’s more, the cheats clearly didn’t regret it.

Not immediately, at any rate.

When Rakesh appeared later clutching flowers, Priya started to feel pangs of guilt.

And it all becomes a little too much for her next week, when Jai throws them out of his house and they end up moving in with Pete and Leyla.

It’s uncomfortable for Pete when Leyla invites Priya and Rakesh to stay (Credit: ITV)


Priya ends up confessing to Rakesh about being unfaithful.

But, crucially, she doesn’t reveal who she’d got busy with.

In fact, she and Pete look set to continue their illicit encounters.

Fiona Wade, who plays cheating Priya, explained to Inside Soap: “It’s going to get complicated!

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“In the heat of the moment it was all about her and Pete, and Priya wasn’t thinking of Leyla.

“Now she feels guilty – but it doesn’t stop at just one night.”

She added in an interview with “She’s fed up of being nice!

“She used to be a little minx with guys. But she had Amba, got married and it’s just been one stress after another with Rakesh.”

Priya confesses to Rakesh (Credit: ITV)

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This isn’t good news for many viewers, who are hating this latest pairing…

We have to admit, if Leyla was removed from the equation, we do like the idea of these two together!

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