Emmerdale viewers horrified as Pierce attacks humiliated Rhona

His reign of terror is escalating

Earlier this month, Emmerdale viewers watched, horrified, as Pierce raped his girlfriend Rhona.

Since that terrible moment, we have seen him grow ever more controlling and possessive.

So it was no real surprise when the seemingly suave solicitor launched another calculating attack on his partner.

The scene was set as the couple attended a dinner party at her ex Marlon’s house.

Pierce had resisted going – clearly determined to isolate Rhona from her friends – but reluctantly relented in the end.

But from the moment he arrived at the get-together, he was hell-bent on being difficult – belittling everyone there at every opportunity.

He really saw red, however, during a game of Truth or Dare when Rhona – pushed for an answer – admitted that Cain Dingle was her fantasy one-night stand.

Disgusted by this revelation, Pierce proceeded to humiliate his partner, pointing out the number of ex-lovers she has in the village.

Embarrassed by his behaviour, she went home.

Pierce wasn’t done with needling her. And as she tried to reason, he pushed a kiss upon her.

“Pierce, you are not getting round me like that again,” warned Rhona.

“I’m done talking – and so are you,” replied Pierce.

In the next scene, Rhona’s dress was torn and she alluded to his rough behaviour.

What was most disturbing about this latest violent incident was his ability to make Rhona question whether she is to blame.

Viewers were, understandably, shocked by Pierce’s shameful actions…

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Stepping away from the troubling storyline, fans surely will be smiling to themselves at Rhona’s revelation that she harbours a secret crush on Cain.

In real life actress Zoe Henry, who plays Rhona, is actually married to Jeff Hordley who plays Cain.