Emmerdale viewers convinced Rebecca is lying about her pregnancy

What IS going on?!

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Of all the White family, Rebecca is definitely our favourite – or, should we say, the one who annoys us the least.

So it’s a shame that she has come up against literally the most popular person that ever did tread through those Yorkshire dales.

Woe betide anyone who upsets Aaron – and this is exactly what she’s done.

So love and sympathy from the audience is in short supply.

Not only has she slept with his husband, she’s also had the cheek to get pregnant by Robert.
Or has she?

Last night, viewers saw Rebecca rushed to hospital, worried that she was losing her unborn baby.

But we didn’t see her consulting with any doctors.

And that has led to some soap fans speculating that the posh blonde isn’t actually pregnant AT ALL.

In fact, after the visit, she went ahead with plans to fly out to Ibiza.

Some viewers think this supplies her with a handy way out of covering up her lie.

Has she just found out that she is not pregnant? Has she discovered that she is more pregnant than thought?

The sofa sleuths have been hard at it cooking up theories!

One tweeted: “Scan must have shown she’s further along than she thought meaning it’s NOT Robert’s! #robron #Emmerdale.”

“Why no doctor confirming anything for the audience so we can move on? Why no DNA test? Why no confirmation of dates? #Emmerdale,” wrote another suspicious fan.

A third typed: “#emmerdale #robron I honestly think there is no baby the doctors wanted to keep her in and then she leaves k.”

Before disappearing in a taxi, Rebecca told sister Chrissie she wasn’t sure if she’d be back.

We have a funny feeling she will be – with a bundle of upheaval – just as Robert and Aaron are back on track and daring to feel settled again!

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