Emmerdale viewers call for Pierce to be killed off

Rhona’s twisted lover is mounting a campaign of terror

Fans of ITV soap Emmerdale have voiced their displeasure about character Pierce Harris.

The businessman, played by Jonathan Wrather, is becoming ever more sinister and viewers are worried for his girlfriend, Rhona Goskirk.

Now, those who follow the soap set in the dales, want Pierce removed from the show before he gets any worse.

It seems that Rhona’s year is going to be hellish as Pierce subjects her to his possessive behaviour.

Viewers have spotted the problems on the horizon and want Pierce killed off.

They are claiming the look he gave Rhona when he saw her touching a male stripper, was one of pure evil.

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After a marriage to Paddy, Rhona might find that she has reached a nadir with the controlling Pierce.

One enraged viewer wrote on Twitter: “Pierce is a pathetic, jealous, abusive little creep.

“Can they kill him off already?”

After a drunk Rhona returned home, Pierce heard her phone sound off, indicating she had a text message.

The message was from a mystery number and as Pierce read it, you could see that his thoughts were turning to what he would do with his girlfriend.

This was just the latest in a series of incidents that have hit the couple.

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Rhona had turned down Pierce’s proposal of marriage, saying that it was too soon.

This had rocked Pierce and made him all the more determined to make sure that Rhona stayed with him.

He then forced Rhona to seemingly have sex with him, despite her pushing him away and repeatedly saying no.

Viewers were left shocked by the apparent rape scene and, after all that, the latest turn in Pierce’s behaviour has left them calling for him to go.